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I'm not really all that witty, so I'll just say hi. ^_^

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November 23rd, 2006


Well, let's face it, folks. I don't use LiveJournal. If I want you to know how I'm feeling, I'll bloody well tell you. I'm just here for Lynxie's LJ nowadays. No one else updates. If I feel like updating, I will. Other than that, it'll be pretty rare that I'll update.

LiveJournal, I declare thee...emo.


October 31st, 2006

(no subject)

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( OMGWTFDDRBBQ IT'S A PUBLIC ENTRY! No. Seriously. Happy Halloween )

September 27th, 2006

I'm intensely sleepy, but I'm not tired yet. And I've got the hugest headache. So I guess I should try to go to bed. But I'm really hungry. So I'm considering going down and bothering Mom for a doughnut. But I can get a dougnut tomorrow.

Still feel like a failure. Haven't touched school for the past week.

Who is over stressed,
And freaking out
And will be going to the doctor tomorrow

September 23rd, 2006

Ai (Love and loyalty!)

Sore wa ai ja nai~~.........
Ai wa sore ja nai~~.........
Ai shite 'ru kedo ai sarete wa inai.........

Kesshite ai ja nai~~.........
Ketsu wa ai ja nai~~.........
Ai shite 'ru kedo motometari wa shinai.........

Kono mi sasagete inochi nagedashi Wakime mo furazu Tada hitasura ni
Damashite sukashite yoko-hairi Tanin wo fumitaoshi keri wo kamashite

Tonzura koite! Tonzura koite! Tonzura koite!
Tonzura koite! Tonzura koite! Tonzura koite
Tonzura koite!

Banana no kawa de koronde mo
Sore wa subete ano kata no tame.........
Shiite iu nara sore wa kitto
Ai to iu na no chuuseishin........................

Itsu mo ai ja nai~~.........
Ai wa itsu mo ja nai~~.........
Ai sare-sugicha kono mi ga mochimashen.........
Ai sare-sugicha kono mi ga mochimashen.........

Ima ga chansu da O-kaidoku! Guramu ikura de kono mi mo douzo
Guumin wo aite ni hito-soudou shinbun busata ni naru mae ni

Tonzura koite! Tonzura koite! Tonzura koite!
Tonzura koite! Tonzura koite! Tonzura koite
Tonzura koite!

Hito no michi sura hazurete mo
Sore wa tabun ano kata no tame.........
Migaeri nado motomeyashinai
Ai yori fukai chuuseishin........................

Ochite yuku no mo oboreru no mo
Nani mo kamo ga ano kata no tame
Baka demo aho demo kamawanai
Ai to iu na no chuuseishin........................


Excel Saga = Best. Anime. Ever.


September 13th, 2006

I went to the hospital today. Mom got really worried because I was coughing and I wouldn't give it a rest. So she took me to the ER. Turns out I needed medication. I was in the beginning stages of something, and the doctor was scared that it might turn into pnuemonia, so she gave me some stuff to help it.

...Speaking of the doctor...*Her eyes flash brilliantly* Guess what she said...

I am SO happy right now! The doctor said she thought I was a good artist! I couldn't believe it!

Doctor :: What're you drawing?
Sora :: Huh? Oh. Anime. *Blush*
Doctor :: May I see?
Sora :: *Flips to an already finished drawing* I'm not very good...
Doctor :: *Raises an eyebrow* I thought you said you weren't very good.
Sora :: !!!! *Looks up in surprise*
Doctor :: ^_^ I like it, you've got quite a talent there, miss. Don't give up on it.
Sora :: *Bows slightly* T-thank you...

Mom later gushed to me about how she thought I've always been a good artist. She thinks anything I do is good. But I can't believe a doctor just outright said my drawings were good. I showed her most of the work I had with me at the time and she liked it all very much.

I'm rather surprised about it.

Anyways. So I'm on some cough medication and some medication for my headaches.

Next topic: School work. I've made a couple of friends at school. I haven't started anything yet. I'll log in tomorrow and see what I've got to do. For now. I just really need to rest. I might go into my room with the laptop and lay down, waiting for messages.

No one important signs on until much later, anyways.

x_x I don't feel very good, despite being pretty happy about everything.

I'm kinda depressed, too. See, I'm kinda in a relationship rut o.o I'm wanting a girlfriend (a boyfriend would work, too, but my preference leans towards females) and I like a few people (Not being named) but I know better to try with them. ._. And everyone around me is sorta getting into relationships and it bothers me a bit. 'Cuz I guess I'm missing what I used to have.

x_x I hate having memories. Let's erase them all.


August 31st, 2006

God. Fucking. Dammit.

Today honestly, officially, unbelievably SUCKS ASS.

x_x Someone gimme a goddamned hug or something. I think I'mma cry. Fuuuuck. Today suuuuucks.

*Curls up in a corner* I don't wanna go to bed because someone might sign on, but my god am I tired...but I only get this chance to talk to ya'll online...and...I hate wasting that chance. It makes me sad that I dun get to talk to ya'll that often.

Btw, Kai...

Do you know how to defrag or do you want me to make a tutorial on it?

-_- I'm going to kick myself if no one gets online. I have plans to sleep a lot tomorrow.

....*Sighs and answers the phone*

...*sighs and hangs up the phone*

-_- I hate it when people do that..


I need some pain pills. Sadly, we are fucking out of pain medication.

I'm going to shoot myself..

Wait. I don't have a gun.

God dammit -_- Today can get worse, too. Watch as I burn my food, I spill my gatorade, and I ruin my drawing of Nephilim to the point of where I can't colour it anymore.


-_- I won't get to colour it for a while.

Oh, my blessed mother, she has pain medication.

*Sucks in her cheeks a little and sighs*



a very very pissed off Sora-chan

August 16th, 2006

Shit, my nose hurts...

Mm. I'm dehydrated...if I can't take care of it myself, then I guess I'll be going to the hospital. *Laughs humourlessly* I think I might be getting ill. I hope not...I feel heavy all over.....so I'll be drinking liquid all day...if humanly possible...

I know I'm dehydrated...I've got some of the signs....but I hope I don't start to freak out or anything....

Oh, bloody hell. I'm depressed...oh well....I'll get over it. I guess.

Neh. I lost my rant.

An "about to be ill" Sora-chan...urk...

April 14th, 2006

(no subject)

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